Welcome to KB Power Golf! My name is Kevin Bullard and KB PowerGolf is one of the most exciting choices you could make for your next charity or corporate golf outing.

I want to thank you for visiting my website, while encouraging you to consider me at your next big event.  I promise to talk with a slight southern draw, display explosive power, hit drives off my knees 300+ yards…while making sure everyone leave your event with a great memory making it a must-attend event the following year.

Make sure to ask about my three different programs I offer being able to work within any budget big or small!!! 


Kevin Bullard Frequently Asked Questions

What does your typical outing consist of?

First off, I start the day off with a long drive / trick shot exhibition before play on the range. Secondly, I usually set up on a designated par 5 and hit everyone’s drive for a small donation to the charity. Hitting drives well over 350 yards makes for one exciting hole of golf for that day. While hitting balls throughout the day and offering helpful hints to all the participants that comes through helps create that unique experience they will take home from the golf tournament. Lastly, I like to sit down with the golfers and have dinner with them to look back at the wonderful day of golf they have had.

Do you have references or charities you have performed for?

Yes, names and numbers of my existing clients are made available upon request. I also always offer my corporate clients that book me for multiple events each year.

How do I find out your schedule or if you are available for our tournament?

  1. Click Contact Kevin Bullard in the menu
  2. Contact me at kevin@kbpowergolf.com

Do you just perform for charity events?

No. Most events I perform for are your major corporate golf tournaments along with a healthy array of charity events. I have been requested to work kid’s clinics, junior clinics and pro celebrity golf clinics talking with everyone about the power aspects of the golf swing from stretching, strength building and helping determine which swing aids are very helpful in building a powerful golf swing.

How long will you need for your show?

I am very easy to coordinate with first off but I usually ask for about 20-30 minutes on the range the morning of the tournament. I know the morning of there is always the putting contests and late arrivals so I always try to perform about 45 minutes prior to tee off so that the tournament staff will have enough time to greet everyone after my show. It is a great way to kickoff your golf tournament!

What exactly do you do?

My show is built around the power aspects of golf with a healthy array of trick shots and jokes to give everyone a big laugh. Everyone wants to hit the ball further (just hang out one day at the lounge and listen) so I always try to give helpful pointers to the golfers so they can take away something from the golf tournament that will help their golf game off the tee box. I have an arsenal of impersonations of the everyday slicer, hacker, topper, Big Johnny and the guys that always hit it 300 yards up hill. My show is the icebreaker that lets everyone relate to and welcomes them to a different but exciting new day of golf.

Do you offer instructions during your shows?

I keep instructions to a minimal. The golfers are there to enjoy a day away from the office. I feel my job is to add to the overall experience of the tournament. Charities are looking for something that will make their tournament different from all others that enable them to keep people coming back each year. I am there for the main reason of adding excitement and a touch of class to your event to create that unique experience.

Do you perform just in Georgia?

No. I have performed as far west as Palm Springs, California while making stops in the big state of Texas. I never thought I would fit in up in Boston but the old Georgia boy fits in just right, just forget about it! Do yourself a favor and contact me for your next corporate outing.