Kevin the Family Man

Kevin is a family man, with two wonderful boys named Connor and Grant, who loves life and competition and pours his heart and soul into both. Kevin found his passion for competition at the young age of 7 with BMX dirt-bike racing.  Shortly thereafter, he became the United States National Champion at the early age of 11.  Along with the championship came a lot of attention for the small-town farm boy residing about 15 miles outside of Cedartown.  Kevin decided to park the bikes at the age of 13 to undertake new sporting challenges and soon found that he excelled in several other sports including baseball, football and basketball. Then Kevin found his “calling” – literally calling the pitches from behind the plate as Kevin became an All-State catcher.  Kevin broke many baseball records while attending Cedartown High School before going on to play with the Arizona Diamondbacks.




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