Meet the Bull

I think it is very important to know your pro before the morning of the
big event.  I thought he had HAIR!!!


Early Years Tearing Up the Trails

I was born during a snow storm in Rome, Georgia in 1978. Reared as a small  town boy in the city of Cedartown, my childhood seemed to start quickly on a bicycle at the early age of three. By the age seven, I was competing all across the country in BMX dirt bike racing, and by the age of ten I had earned the National Bicycle League Championship in the town of Louisville, KY at Tom Sawyer State Park. I attribute learning to win at an early age to my mother, Donna. She was the one that pulled me up when I was down, taught me to work hard, and to be the best I could be. She did not know everything, but she knew enough to make me deadly in the sport of BMX. The desire to win my mom helped instill in me carried over into all aspects of my life.

From Powerhouse to Pro

After my dirt bike racing days, I focused on becoming the best power hitting catcher to come out of Cedartown High School. I knew being coached by the best, Brad Campbell, and being compared to Auburn University standout, Jeff Burger, my sophomore year was leading to something great in my life. I did not know where I was headed, but I liked it.

After a very successful high school career, I headed down to Savannah, Georgia on a baseball scholarship to the Division II powerhouse Armstrong State. Savannah is the town where the most important things in my life transpired. I earned a BA in Economics while being on the Presidential Honor Roll three of my four years there (which induced my father’s first heart attack!). On the field I compiled a very impressive baseball career, ranking all time in the top five in eight different hitting categories.

Savannah was the town I decided to call home. I accepted my first job at SunTrust Bank as a Financial Service Representative. Two weeks later I found myself sitting in front of the bank President explaining that I had signed a pro contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks and that I was departing for Tucson, AZ the next morning. After a short two year career with the Diamondbacks, I decided to voluntarily retire and be the dad that I had always dreamed of being to my four month old son, MILES “CONNOR” BULLARD.

After my baseball playing days, people said it was time to get a REAL JOB, but I thought I would give golf a shot. After playing several rounds of golf with a close friend, he encouraged me to enter a professional long drive tournament. He did not have to twist my arm hard; he just had to reach for it. In 2002, I headed to the inaugural LDA Tour event at Laurel Springs Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia where I finished second behind Greg Wellong. I had a lot of success my first two seasons making the LDA Tour Championships both years. I had to take off the 2004 season; it turned out to be a rebuilding year for me with the addition of my second son, HUNTER “GRANT” BULLARD. With the perfect duo, two handsome boys, I needed to learn to hit the golf ball and start making some money (Man did we need it). Ending 2004 with my first Long Drive Championship, I started 2005 off with my second championship with 2006 proving to be my biggest year in the sport of long drive. I won my dear friend SEAN “THE BEAST” FISTER’S US Long Drive Tour Championship along with two other championships that year. Heading into the World Championships in 2006 with all the confidence in the world, I took ninth place with a droopy little frown on my face thinking, “I cannot top that year.” However, by capturing two more championships with four top five finishes, 2007 proved to be my best year yet in long drive. The economy hit me hard in 2008 like it did everyone else in my world. Due to a tight economy, I lost all my sponsors—Taylormade, Callaway Gardens, PGA Superstore and many of my other sponsorships turned into product only deals. I still managed to have a good year on tour finishing 2nd behind Allen McDougal, but finished the year for the first time since 2004 without notching a victory.

Being a part of Titans at the Tee was the highlight of 2008 for sure; this show was featured on SPEED Television and featured the longest 8 hitters in the world. Fister, Wolter, Luirette, Baldwin, Bullard, Howell and JD Murkerson were paired with NASCAR drivers including Brian Vickers, Elliott Sadler, Hermie Sadler, Brian Ragan, Marcus Ambrose, JJ Yealy, Stephen Leicht, Austin Petty, Kyle Petty, Jeff Hammond and Victory Gang Junction. The show featured the FASTEST DRIVERS OF A GOLF BALL with the FASTEST DRIVERS OF A CAR. It was called the Horsepower Tee Shot Tour. After being featured on 38 one-hour shows, we thought this was our big break, but the economy had already begun its devastation to the golfing world.

During the offseason that year, I decided to step away from the sport for personal reasons and try to focus on work and my two boys. I literally put the clubs up for about four months that year. Early in 2010, I got a phone call inviting me to come to Los Cabos, Mexico for one of the biggest events ever. I decided to make a comeback and attend this event. The biggest names in our sport were attending: Zuback, Wolter, Baldwin, Murkerson, Bobby Wilson, Bradley, Shook, Yelovich and many others. This 60 man field was a great event to determine exactly where I stood in the sport of longdrive. After a week of lavish meals, 5 star hotels, and tough competition, it seemed like a dream come true and the most promising way to start a comeback in the sport that had grown so close to my heart. I battled my way in a match play format from the 60 competitors down to the last match in the finals with Jeff Crittenden. I finished 2nd to one of the greatest guys in our sport. The great finish was such a high for me only to find out that the promoters were liars and cheats who had left the country with all of the winnings. The great comeback may have cost me that trip, but it proved to be a smart move for a big guy with a strong desire to win.

The very next event I won was the Keystone Classic in Pittsburgh, PA. That victory let me know there is always a greater power above us. It was the most moving victory yet in my career today. It was hosted by one of my closest friends Tom Roskos. While 2010 proved to be a great year for me to make a comeback, the corporate world was still hurting from the economy so corporate outings and sponsorship were still down quite a bit. When 2011 rolled around, I was ready. The Bull was still around and ready to win. I finished 4th, 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 1st, 2nd and 10th at the ReMax World Long Drive Championships. One of the most impressive years for me yet in the sport of long drive, 2011 saw me move from 18th in world rankings to my current ranking—8th in world.

God has blessed me with two beautiful boys and has given me the ability to entertain corporate America by telling my story while hitting golf balls well over 400 yards. I work independently with Georgia Financial Services because you never know when that back might go out. The kids have to get an education some way! Golf is my passion but responsibility keeps me grounded in reality. Thank you so much for getting to know me through my website. I would love to have the opportunity to perform at your next group outing or charity event. Please feel free to contact me with your questions.